Popular kinds of ships?

I'm planning a plugin, and I'm doing a ship survey. I want to know what characteristics people like in their ships, e.g.:

Big, powerful, but slow (Igazra)
Small, fast (Azdara)
Not too powerful, still a warship, maneuverable (Zidara)
Highly versatile (Arada)
Mid-range warship (Lazira)

I'll have more surveys, after people respond to this one.

Analysis, Mr. Spock?

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I fly an Arada most of the time, that is, unless I'm in some huge battle, so, UE Destroyer (what category is that in?)

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Depends. I usually get into an Igazra or Crescent Warship after I've played a good amount of the game, but I like Aradas and Laziras before that.

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miranu freighter with all the necessities - pretty much a mid-range type warship. or an igazdra. with SAE modules coming out the front šŸ˜‰

the UE destroyer ain't that wonderful, personally. id' call it maybe big n' powerful -> mid-range.

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My abosolute fav is a souped-up C. Warship.

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Usually, I stick to fast, but still powerful ships, like the Zidara.

Voinian frigate with all the engine upgrades, the special azdagara (sp) upgrade, all the shield boosters, all the armor plating available, etc. That's when I'm in the crescent 'cuse phase do nothing on armor and neutron weaponry completly destroys shields. I use it too when I'm fighting againts voinians because with the engine upgrade my ship is alot faster then the other voinian frigate. My other ship is againts the Ue is the c.warship or the azdara with both shield boosters.

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Personaly, I like my souped up UE Cruiser. Pretty fast, somewhat menouverable, and can carry a lot of ammo. Other than that, probibly my UE Destroyer (Blaze turrits are death on shields.)

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I got some favourites...
The Igadzra, I donĀ“t know about you guys, but I think it isnĀ“t so slow.
The UE Destroyer, itĀ“s a good temporary ship until you can afford some thing better, and the Voinian Frigate, if it was faster, iĀ“m thinkinĀ“ of the armor.
The Arada, UE Some thing (the best freighter).

These are some ships I like...
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