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Where can i find star wars plugins?, how do i activate a plugin



Hawkeye wrote:
**Where can i find star wars plugins?, how do i activate a plugin


(url="http://"") /used/ to have them ::glares at Andrew:: but now you gotta go to (url="http://"") and then go to the plugs page, or go to (url="http://"") and find your way to the plugins place...used to be so much easier :rolleyes:

as for installing the plug, just drop it into the plugins folder...

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Actually there aren't many worth downloading, Star Wars ANA comes the closest to being a quality one, SW2 has nice graphics (except for the extremely poor scaling) but the ships and weapons are out of whack, battles take way too long once you start dealing with capital ships, and the missions are extremely silly.


I know I've said this before many a time but its a topic which keeps coming up.
A decent, playable Star Wars total Conversion plug is in development.
A Beta Combat test plug is now availiable containing the refined combat system and all the new ships.
I might as well take this opportunity to tell any body who can be bothered to read the status of the plug at this time.
At this time there is as I said a test combat plug containing 50 odd ships
these are some which have been added within the last few weeks

•SlaveII(mandal Motors pursuer)
•Misthunter(BDY cargo transport)
•Otana(Correlian YT-2000)
•Starlight Intruder(Mobquet medium freight)
•Cloakshape Fighter
•Correlian Gunship
•Punishing One(Correlian jumpmaster 2000)
•Imperial Lancer frigate

the following ships are underconstruction and should be completed by the end of this coming week-
•Trillion Agrresor Assault fighter
•Hyperspace Maurauder
•Quasar Fire Frigate

After having found an accurate map creation of the galaxy is underway.And I can tell you its going to be vast.
Outlines/synopsis for missions are being drawn up at the moment
for The Heir to the Empire and Original trilogy mission packs

The plug will replace all EV resources and mission packs from different star wars eras can be loaded as plug -ins.
I've created a website but as much as I'd like to theres not much point putting it up when theres nothing to download.

Any way I just thought I'd let any one who is interested know. 🙂

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