Where is that women Anna Balishova (I can't spell it) I looked all over and I can't find her! Where is she?


I forget where she is...try looking in the uninhabited systems around where u got the mission.

Crazy Galaxy, Why am I
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middle of all the Death,
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-Vice Admiral Jon

Wow, Jon. That was a LOT of good advice. Cough

Head for freeport. That should get you on the right track.

Also, I'd suggest using a fairly fast ship, something that can take out LOADS of kraits with turrets.

Perhaps a Lazaira with Phase turrets.

Also, load up on SADs. You'll need them. Afterburn, fuel recharge, tanks, IFF, Densnity, ect isn't bad. If you have it, get a needle jammer. Otherwise, get a Cresent ECM, and if possible, Zidgar ECM.


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