Last chance for bug fix/feature requests?

Since the discussion on this web board and the comments made by Ambrosia hint that the current beta test will lead to the last version of EVO to be made, I've got to get some of these monkeys off my back...

(Pardon any lack of etiquette, I don't seem to have enough time to lurk here.)

  1. Last year I heard a rumor that EVO's engine will be updated to support fractional mass... (i.e. 10 Needle Missles could take up a ton instead of no space.) Is this going to happen?

  2. I've noticed in gameplay that Neutron turrets don't get the firing rate doubling that Phase and Blaze turrets do, despite the fact that the outfit graphic clearly show two cannons mounted on the swivel platform... I've also noticed that Neutron turrets suffer from SEVERE overleading of targets. Will either one of these bugs get fixed?

  3. Do shield batteries do any good? Compared with Voinian armor (which can make a player almost invincible in the Cresent), the batteries suck and don't appear to add much to shield longevity...

  4. I always drop into Macsbug when I quit EVO after a long session... I think the beta notes being posted mention this being fixed, but I have some StdLogs that I could submit if that could be of any help...

  5. The beta notes mention that turrets will support "blind spots." Could this be used to make "side mounted" turrets? (Think of it! A possible Victorian/Retrotech plug-in where you place space-faring wooden ships that fire gunpowder driven cannons that fire broadsides!)

There... I feel cleansed...


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I agree....after playign for a while, and quitting normaly, you either get Macsbugs or just an error message. And the shield batteries.....they boost it barely any, and I have 4! What ever happened to those EV shield capacitors, the things that refilled the shield FASTER...those were a great advantage once you got enough credits.



They're called shield rechargers or shield boosters. You can get a really good one from the Azdgari. Actually, you can get much good stuff from the Azdgari.

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