Type 2 and 3 errors

Im working on a plug-in, and whenever i try to jump from system to system in the game, it quits, and i get either a type 2, or type 3 error.....Help!


i have macsbug, it tells 'ya why it crashed.
type 2 is usually caused by "BowelsOfTheMemoryManager". unmapped memory exception i think. that's the most common error I get with OS9.
type 3 i think is an access fault exception. no clue what that means.

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Hey I think (I don't know what of a plug in you have but) you could set your memory of EV/O to max 20MB or 15MB!!!
It helped me when my mac showed me errors.


Your error is most likely caused by the System dude percentages not adding up to 100%, or the dudes not existing.

Use Plug-Checker (available Ambrosia's add-on section) to tell you exactly what the trouble is.


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