I've been hearing about some kinf of "Hinwar" mission(s). Could someone tell me what these are, which gov't offers them, where I can find them, etc.?

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You have to help the Emahlgia take control of the Romit system (the Emahlgia/UE Missions) then go to the bar on the stations.

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The Hinwar live on the planet the Voinians renamed Gualon. You have to do some joint UE-Emalgha missions in order to capture Romit where you meet a Hinwar slave, he leds you into missions that free his own planet. The missions start by simply talking to the elders at Emalgha and getting the UE-Emalgha relations moving. After that you have to talk to a UE Admiral(?) on Yandros, I forgot his name.... it's the Frenchy guy though. D' Erlon? Ach...
Anyways.. that should be enough to get you through

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