Problems w/ jumps

Im using EV Edit 3.2 and creating some new worlds of my own. I link them using the link tool, save them and quit. Now, when i play EV, when i try and travel to some of them, the links dissapear! This is realy wierd, and i need to know how to fix it, or what im doing wrong if anything.



I believe what you have are one-way links: here's an example - suppose you have System 1 and System 2. Syst 1 has Syst 2 listed in the links box in the syst resource. This means you can go from Syst 1 to Syst 2. But Syst 2 doesn't have Syst 1 listed in it's links box - thus you cannot jump from 2 to 1.

Try using the latest version of EV-Edit - 3.3.2, or make 2 links from 1 to 2 and 2 to 1, or do it by hand in ResEdit.

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Thanks, ill give it a try