w00d j00 believe it?

I was thinking about how weak the strand fighters are in EVO. They're like the Patrol ships and mantas of EV. So I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a slightly tougher fighter in you Strand bay? The Arada can be made into a "Courier, Heavy Fighter or Light Warship", so I thought I might make an Arada bay and put it into a Crescent Warship, though I haven't thought of which government to give it to yet... it depends on the rest of the new technologies I give to the strands in my plug-in.

Would you believe the idea of a Arada (made fast and manueverable, not a "light warship") bay inside a Crescent Warship? I was thinking of maybe one or two fighters. Comments???

Tear it down

Actually, I believe that there is already a plug-in that does that. Maybe "Zachit Ships". Or maybe not. But if you did that, you'd have to make a carrier ship or something similar. Crescent ships are not that big.

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