Igadzara Missions

Where do i start the Igadzara mission string? I really want that Igazra. I have an upstanding citizen or good egg rating in all Igadzara systems.


Windows rules a$$holes. MacOs sucks, really it is crap. You are all bigtime suckers. SEE you in hell.

Come on everyone, just ignore that last one. As for the original question, Kitrak (but don't have done any of the other Strand strings).


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ignore it? That is terrorism, man. Whoever sent that is a complete moron. And I am definetly going to tell mikee J about this.

Communism vs. Capitalism
Confeds vs. Rebels
MacOS vs. Windows OR
Rebellious Rebels that use MacOS and are headed by a S. Jobs vs.

Communist Confeds that use Winblows and are headed by a B.Gates.
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Just leave it alone. People who do this sort of thing just want attention.


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