Ski resort

So I started this ski resort mission in EVO, but after finishing part of it, I hit enter before reading what to do next...anyone remember what they had to do?


You have to go to a system with 3 planets (I don't remember witch system). To get the ressouces to build the ski resort after that you go back to where you got the mission ... but you need a fast ship (1 day jump).

I'll Eliminat u!

yeah... your fisrt step is to find his business partner... (I assume you've done that).. then you have to go back to the guy, and tell him. He'll send you to Mira. Mira is a planet owned by the.... argh. I suck at names. The M-people. With the cool lookin's ships (Courior, Heavy Cargo thing... purple, orange, blue)... once you reach Mira, you go back, and all is well.

By the way... if you press the letter "I" in the game, it'll explain what missions you have to carry out, and what you have to do to accomplish them. Go for it 😃

Wow, Boss... that was strange.

No, Loiosh, that was normal. It's just that some normal things are stranger than others.

After I had complited the skiresort mission I received a mission (fronm Kitrak) where I was supposed to find a miranu freighter. Could someone please tell me where it is?

I don't remeber, try the un-inhab next to staion pozag (or whatever.) If you can't find the ship, go to the next un-inhab sys WITH A NAME, not somthing like NGC-2646.

🙂 Max B-H
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