Jump-times and ship refunds...

I'm looking for somewone who can point the way or give me a listing of ships and their jump and blast off times.
I'm attempting to complete a Igazdra mission with my suped up crecent warship
and having no luck completeing it within the time limit.

Also, If I have a ship with a trade in value higher than the ship I am buying; do I receive "change" in the amount of credits my ship is worth that is greater than the value of the ship I am buying?

I eagerly await a response.

My gratitude and good hunting to anyone who reads this.


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I got a UE Cruiser and it takes 3-4 days to jump, take off, or land. Smaller ships (fighter, scoutship...) take one day to jump. There is a plug-in called "QuickJump" that solves that problem. That plug makes all outfit shops sell the "Jump Enhancer" for 500,000 credits and 1 ton of upgrade/weapon space. The Jump Enhancer allows you to jump using only 1 day. I had that same problem when working for the Zidigar.

When you trade a valuable ship for a cheaper one, you get change. The game says that the final price is 0 credits, but you will receive the trade-in amount minus the ship price. I've actually used this to make some serious credits. When in need of cash, get a UE Carrier, capture an Igadzra warship (The banana ship), trade it for another carrier and you get 3 million credits.


I seem to recall reading that you get 20% of the price of the ship plus the value of the upgrades


Well, the thing is, those missions are not possible on a ship that takes two days to jump (like the Crescent Warship). Any ship with a mass below 100 tons should jump in one day. As for landing and take off, I believe it's usually 1 day unless you have escorts, but I could easily be wrong. Of course, you could use QuickJump, but from some points of view that's cheating.

As for ship trade ins, you always get 25% of the ship price plus the value of all upgrades excepting those that go with you when you trade ships. If this is more than the price of a new ship, you get that money back (well, not really - you're just getting more in the trade-in than your purchase).

Mike Lee (Firebird)