Strand Advantages

What are the things that you get from each of the strand races? Weapons, shields, ships, etc. Thank you much.


the igadzra give you the SAE launcher / modules (i think)
the zidager give you some kind of free mass upgrade or a free launcher of some kind. never figured out what exactly they gave me.
the azdgari let you buy azdara's (i got one)

they may do more, and I may be wrong about who's who out there

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OK. From seeing stuff about this come up hundreds of times I can answer this (IIRC), even though I have not played through any mission strings of any sort (not out of anything resembling choice- EVO goes slower than a 'Fed cruiser with bricks tied to its head on my ol' clunker).

From the Azdgari you get the azdara and the shield booster thingy.
From the Zidagar you get the systems upgrade, their ships, their ECM system and their beam.
From the Igadzra you get the igazra, SAEs and the plasma siphon.

Think that's it.


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