UE unites with Miranu

Where can I get the rest of the missions for the Miranu getting together with the UE? I got the first one from Mira I think and then one in the Blaga system. Where can I pick up the rest of the string? Do I have to have a better combat rating or anything? Thanks for the help.


There are many missions for what you're asking, but I only know a few.

After getting an Above Average combat rating and a Decent Individual legal status, go to Himgro (It's right next to Blaga). You'll be offered a series of missions to help cure the plague on New Calcutta (in the Aludra system), one of which involves doing a mission for the Igadzra.

To be part of the famous Zachit Patrol, you must have a Dangerous combat rating and an Upstanding Citizen legal status. Go to the Zachit system (a couple jumps north of Mirava) and land on Outpost Zachit. Go to the bar and your training begins.

I'm not too sure of this mission string. Somewhere (maybe Outpost Zachit), you'll be offered to protect New Mira (way north of Mirava), but there's only a 75% chance of this happening. If you suceed in getting the mission and completing it, you'll be offered to escort the Miranu Gunship, and after you do this it will be available for your purchase.

Hope this helps. 🙂


and there's the Nebula Penetration Mission that can be found in Station Pybin.


Yeah, that too.