Favorites (poll)

Here's a change for a poll. What is everyone's favorite trade route (the one u use at the get go when you need a quick 10 mil.)? AND: What ship do you do it in. Mine is in Hatuli, Their/gribn with a helian, than hire freighters.

So what if they say I'm a stupid loser? I can beat the snot out of 'em at C&C;: TS...

Brany run between Saalia and Freeport. In a Freight-courier, with LOTS of cargo transporter escorts. You can make extra cash by disabling turncoats along the way.

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yeah my favourite trade routes are in pirate space, with a big ship like the Freight Courrier, and yes you can disable as many other traders and renegades as posible. I know its wrong but when your short of cash


I don't trade. 😄 I should start

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