Emalgha missions

I did the first Emalgha mission where i transport the diplomats but i cannot find any others. I have finished the Dreadnaught mission set. Thanks.

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Ok I believe you may want to try landing on the little red moon over Emalgha or otherwise hang around the Emalgha bar and defend against some Voinian attacks to make them like you more. I got to liberating that one outpost in this missions series and got stuck. So I need some help too.
Basically I went and conquered the station before I figured out I needed to go to Outpost Gamma. Then once I land at the station and the UE took it over I realized that maybe I don't want to be domineering it if UE is in control so I freed the station. UE high command at luna won't help show up so what must I do? Resubjugate the station and then go back to outpost gamma?

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Well, you really have to go to the station that the Emalgha conquered, go to the bar, and accept the bartender's mission when he gives it to you. That opens the string.

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