Screwed up Strands mission

I accidentally accepted the Zidagar mission set, while looking for the Azdgari missions.
Which, I've since discovered, start in South Tip station. Am I SOL? Or can I still pick up the
Azdgari missions after completing the first Zidagar? If so, can someone tell me how to edit
my Pilot's completed missions (using ResEdit) so I can start the Azdgari missions?


If you accepted, but not compleated the first Ziddy mission, nothing happened.

But, I doubt you noticed what you were doing at first.

So, get the Triple Agent plugin, and basicly do what it says.


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where do u guys get all these plugins.pls give me a site name or sumfin.


You can always get the mission, even if the Azdgari hate you because it is offered in an independent system. Upon completing the first few you should be liked in Azdgari space.

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Thanks. And thanks to whoever fixed the glitch in site. If there was one. Doesn't matter.


I've got "good egg" rating in the system and i've got an ultimate combat rating. I've also been doing a lot of "defend the system" and "bounty hunting" missions, but I haven't been invited to go to Azdgari space yet (I also accidentaly defended Pozdag III and was invited to go to Zidagar). How do I join the Azdgari?! 😕

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