I have been using executor for awhile and it worlks fine for ev. But when I tried to install evo it said I didnt have the latest version of the needed software. I then downloaded the latest version available. Then it STILL said it wasnt good enough!!!! HELP!!!!

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What is executer?

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Zeta wrote:
**What is executer?

Some kind of Mac emulator for Wintel machines that doesn't work, apparently.


So, you use Executor, eh? Welcome to the club. 😉

Since you've used Executor Pixel thinks you probably know how it works, so please forgive him if any of this insults your intelligence. 🙂

Before trying to install EVO bring up the Preferences Dialogue (Alt+Shift+5 in Windows) and set the System to 7.0.0. Make sure Colors is at 256, Sound is Off, and Screen Updates is set to Animation as well. Then Click OK.

Now install EVO. Before you run EVO, bring up the Preferences Dialogue again and set things to all the values listed above (if they aren't still there). Then run EVO. Once it has started up, bring up the Preferences Dialogue one last time. It should have all the proper values (change them if it doesn't). Now click on Save (it will only have these settings for EVO, but you knew that, didn't you?).

A word of warning: Executor only runs EVO for RAM_allotted / 20 hours before it crashes or freezes. Something like that, anyway.

Hope that helps.


I found that executor didnt work at all for EVO.. that is why i got a Mac.. well.. i had other reasons.. but i didnt like the fact that i couldnt run many things. Anyway.. EV ran real slow to begin with. EVO didnt run at all... just brought down the machine.. personally, I suggest getting something like an old 6100 or something, well, it runs on my old one(got it after i got my B&W;), you can normally find them for about 20-50 bucks.. with monitors and all you can find them up to 300 normally, at least, thats around here.