Tournament update

The systems are all in working order. here's the mission plan:
Start a new pilot file and travel to the tournaments, where your connection back to the EVO universe will be cut off. Go to the bar, accept your first round, and buy yourself an extra weapon of some sort for your shuttle. The first few rounds will be things like blowing up UE Freighters and attacking a few "strange asteroid" ships. These are just to build up enough credits so you can buy a more formidable ship. What is the limit of the number of new missions I can add to my plug without replacing any original EVO missions? I'd like to have a variety of mini-rounds, like defeating Voinians in increasing numbers and difficulty to defeat. (Maybe replicate The Disco Bison for a non-counting bonus round)

I hope I didn't dain my bramage...
---Homer Simpson, after eating some Insanity Peppers with the help of a waxed tongue.