It's been a while... any good new plugs?

I recently downloaded Ares from Ambrosia. I liked it, but I found myself wishing it was more like EVO. I hadn't played EVO for about 8 months, but I have the bug to start playing again. The last big plug-in I played was Femme Fatal. Any good plugs put out since then?

Aol IM: fleidermaus

Well, all of them seem to be in the works. Some people are working on expansions of the EVO realm. Others on a new Bablelon V, and Star Trek, and whatever else thats in the pot, but nothing out yet. If you don't want to take my word for it, just plop yourself under EVO central and see if you'll find any new plugs. I haven't found any (then again, I don't know how far back Femme Fatale was made).


Sleep?! Oh yah... I did that last week.