Two things regarding EV ships

I'd like to know how many people are needing some ships for their plug-ins - I am a hobbyist 3D artist (ok, maybe not quite an artist yet!:-) and I'm looking forward to some work proposals... for free, of course!

If any of you have a ship in mind you'd like to see done, let me know - send me some picts or just a text description, and I'll try to make it. Once again i say, it's completely free of charge!
If any of you want to see some of my work (still not much) go to: (url="http://"")
under the models section.

Now a question: where can I find some ships, also? What are the best ship pages on the net? I knew just one good one, but I lost the URL somehow...

/Joăo Pinto

Want shipyards?

I asked about graphics a while ago, and this place has a LOT of links to graphics sites. Have fun....



Man, you guys reply in a flash!
Like you can notice, I'm new around here - but I'm learning already...:-9

Gotta start my shipyard soon... I'm just looking for some ideas from you guys.

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Hey, not bad. I'll send a few proposals your way.

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I'll be waiting for them - until then, I'll starting warming up my iMac..:-)

Any other takers? I'll have a free week now ('cause of the Carnival) so it's the best time for me to work on the ships - school's gonna take a lot of time away from me...

/Joăo Pinto
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