I have everything working with the systems now, I think. I just need to define the two planet graphics for the main system and transfer some message buoy text from an older beta that attempted to eliminate the systems (now I have a 1-way hyperlink) and I can start on the tournament missions. I have 3 systems, one with high sensor interference, one with tons of asteroids, and one with both. I know what I want to do for the first few (I'm going to pop in a few fun things like replicating The Disco Bison personality and have you try and kill him, just as a non-counting bonus mission) but I need some suggestions for the hard ass stuff.

NE one want to test? I'll pop in a personality ship for ya if you do.

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Throw it over, I'd be happy to test.


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Anyone else want to test?

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I'm really interested by the proposal (pick me, pick me!!!!)

I'll Eliminat u!