I just realized I have been spelling Voinian wrong for several messages. I spelled it "Voinan,"
not Voinian. And there appears to be a lot of grammar gurus on the board.


No need to apologize. It's not like misspelling a word is a crime (contrary to what your English teacher might have told you). Don't let the Grammar Gestapo get to you. Anyone who writes inevitably makes mistakes.

Yeah- it's OK- we all make mistakes in our posts- even me.

Not being stuck-up or anything- I just check my writing v-e-r-y carefully- and I have since I was about 7 or 8. All because I could spell really well


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I just use Spell Catcher. 😃


"Je deteste Wyndoze!"

I just cultivate good grammar habits. It's much cheaper than Spell Catcher. 😉

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Blink Ryan?! Been a while.. Or I havn't checked this board. Or both.

BTW, why'd the Nxing site dissapear?


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