Would it be possible to...

Would it be possible to let the player choose the race to start with so it would allow a lot more options to the player. Or is it to complicated to do?

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Within the confines of what exactly? Are you making a plug?

If so, you havta make the system the player is starting in of ID# 128.

If it is an expansion to EVO, you have to do alot of editing, there are many references to you being a human throughout the game....

Be more specific...

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What I meant is, at the start of a new player you have to decide if you want to be: a human, a miranu, an azdagari (sp), a zidara, a voinian, or a idzgara. Ex: if I choose to be a miranu then I start in the miranu space and it is easier to get miranu missions. An other example: if you start as an zidara it's harder for you to get azdagari (sp) mission, etc... If it is possible would it be easier to make a plug-in or an update or even an entirely new game...

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You'd have to write a separate plug for each option. Depending on the number of changes you decide to make, even one would be a fairly major project, but it could be worthwhile if you added in options (ie. mission strings, hardware etc.) which were appropriate to the species and missing from the original game.


It would also be possible to distribute "starter" pilot files. Many plug-ins take this approach. You distribute a starter pilot for each race you want as an option, and each pilot would have the appropriate mission bits, ship, current system, etc. pre-defined...

As for all the editing neccesary to EVO in order to do this. An extensive, but small scale plug that adjusts all the mission text and a few other details would be sufficient, only to make the text more generic.


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I had an idea like this once, but I gave up on it. Here's what you'd have to do..

  1. make a seperate data file for each race with that race's home world being stellar 128. Also edit the missions and that stuff.

2)make a shuttlecraft-like ship for each race, so all races would be equal at the beginning

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