ahhhh,the poor PC users

Well,here I am,looking at my PC in despair.Why cannot a humble PC user not play such a great game like EV/O? Tis such a shame, that the brothers of computers cannot hold hands together, both PC and Mac users. Why cannot this game of beauty be for PC, as well as Macintosh? Alas,my mommy has a mac so i'm good to go, SUCKERS!!!! hehehehehe jk jk jk,my Mom DOES have a mac,so I can play it,hope to have further discussions about EVO! 🙂


Why did you post this thing in the first place? EV/O will NEVER be playable in a lowly PC, and if you have a Mac, then what made you decide to post this senseless topic?

In the end, the Confederation will win, for the moronic AI helps their superiorly shielded ships.

Oy. Newbie and (gasp! shudder! wince!) PC user

There are things known as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Know them, love them, and use them. No one will take you seriously if you don't use common English, unless English isn't your native tongue.

Never, ever, ask about EV for Windoze or say that PC's are in any way better that Macs. EV for Windows will never happen. Macs are inherently better than PC's - and morally superior too.

Hey, if you have a Mac, don't complain that EV isn't for windows.

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I find all this anti-PC stuff quite fascinating.

The irony in that a PC is being used to bash its own kind
Not to mention, if it weren't for a non-mac, none of us would be playing EV or EVO... both came from an IBM =P

Unix for business
Linux for development
BeOS for media
Mac OS for productivity
Windows for solitaire


mikee J wrote:
**Not to mention, if it weren't for a non-mac, none of us would be playing EV or EVO... both came from an IBM =P

😕 How so? (You've caught my interest)

CF: Gryphon's just yanking your chain - just his way of saying "Hi!", I guess, and he knows he'll get a reaction from someone if he asks about EV for Windows. He does have a point though, as does Mikee, about the sheer wierdness of the whole platform wars issue.


I believe Mikee is referring to the PowerPC, which is developed and produced in part by IBM (Motorolla's got the other half, and they're being jackasses with it too).

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Actually no...

The message board (which you are using to bash IBMs) is put up by Janus, an IBM UNIX server.......

And guess what you downloaded EV/O from.... yup... same thing 😉
All stored on Janus... I think...


Sheesh, Bozorg and ColdFusion, did you really not get that? He wasn't being whiny at all. He wasn't saying, "It's a good game, but macs suck royally, so put it on a PC all-ready, damnit!" In fact, he the main thing he said besides that his mom had a Mac, is that Mac and PC users should get along better. I definately prefer the MacOS, but the Windows program (it really isn't an OS, the OS is DOS, and Windows works within it) will usually work and isn't that bad. And really, Macs aren't that superior in hardware either. Yes, the 500mhz G4 can beat like any other PC in Photoshop and some other graphics programs, but not all people use their computer for making graphics.

Cold Fusion: There was nothing very wrong with his grammer at all. He used a lot of commas but most of them fit the rules, and the other ones indicate pauses, which is what commas are generally used for. The one obvious mistake is that between the first and second sentence he didn't put a space, but not in any other sentences. It could have happened to anybody.

sigh Childish, really.


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yea, well who wants ev to be ported to windows anyway.. maybe someone will mac a clone for linux (possibly me). that would be cool.

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