One-way jumps or spob elimination

I've made 4 systems for the plug, but I can't get rid of the rest of the systems. How can I make it so that only the 4 systems I created appear? If that isn't possible, then how do I make a one-way jump? I.E. you go to Sol, get offered the mission to join the tournaments, jump to the main system, and the hyperlink dissappears. Could this be done by making an intermediate uninhabited system between Sol and the tournament system that dissappears upon finishing the "travel to blahblah for tournament," therefore breaking the hyperlink back to the main universe, and reappearing after finishing the tournaments? Everything else is boffo, things show up correctly (though I made a station too close to a planet, so one edge doesn't show) I may use the dissappearing intermediate system thing, unless there is a way to simply dump the rest of the systems and leave my 4 aside from editing the EVO Data files(?).
BTW, if you beta test, I'll make a personality for ya, with your choice of name, ship, and quotes. Thanks.

Well, to remove systems from the Override data files, you have two choices:

  • Hack the datafile and illegally send this modified copy with your plugin, risking an infestation of Corruptus datafilus overridus

  • Make a resource to replace every system in EVO - just make the ones you don't want invisible.

And ask on the developer's board for advice - this is in theory the EVO game forum.

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