EVO for Windows PLEEEASE!!

Several yeas ago I bought a Pentium II PC, after throwing away my almost non-functioning PowerMac. I don't regret this purchase, but before I lost the Apple, I had become addicted to Escape Velocity. Now I have been EV-sober for almost 3 years now, and my hands still shake when I see things about the game on the internet, and now I see that theres a sequel! So my inquiry is this, and replys about nothing but the supposed Apple-Microsoft war are useless and desplay a misguided enthusiasm for two multi-billion comapanies who have nothing to do with you personally and don't profit or lose any money an any way as a result of your pointless bickering. So I want a serious answer, why won't Ambrosia make an Escape Velocity game for the PC? Games that start on Windows very often go to PC (Doom, Quake, Warcraft), we have been waiting for years for EV!


A few spelling corrections...

Several years ago

and replies about

lose money in any way

Games that start on Windows very often go to Mac


Wyndoze doesn't have a resource fork, so you'd have to write plugs in C/C++, therefore you'd have to sell them, and Wyndoze isn't known for shareware/freeware. It won't ever happen. Porting it to PC would be a total rewrite.


Didn't we just finish an irritating string about this?!?!


Yes we did. CorganIsntGod, you are hereby dubbed "complete idiot", feel the pride.

If you didn't notice... STUPID... Ambrosia makes MAC games, not windows games...
So, to clarify to fully sink into your ignorance, MAC PROGRAMERS don't write WINDOWS GAMES. You want all people to program for Wintels and then have someone convert only the good games ones to Mac OS? Bah!

Mac OS is a much better platform for programming, some people perfer ONLY to program on it. And whats with your "I am better than you so dont say that Microsoft is the evil company it is" attitude? Screw Microsoft and God bless all the people who don't program for it. The fewer apps, the better... if no one programmed for it no one would use that cheap rip-off.

Shareware is rare on PCs as their users never pay for it (usually). There wouldn't be that much profit and Ambrosia would likely be better off just rewriting the whole thing to Windows because EVO is resource fork based.

Lastly, there are alot of things in life that bickering doesn't change, but it sure is fun to do =). If you had more than 2 brain cells you would see that Ambrosia is mac based right now "We don't want to spread ourselves to thin"
Thats you answer, jack***.

-Please note I am being rude because he is an idiot, not because he like windows-

Unix for business
Linux for development
BeOS for media
Mac OS for productivity
Windows for solitaire

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Here is, I hope, a reasoned answer to send you on your way with something like understanding.

EVO will not come to windows because, quite simply, Matt Burch does not program windows machines. The game may bear Ambrosia's label, but Burch is the one who is responsible for updating it. If anything gets coded on that game, it is mcb that does it.

Ambrosia is not interested in programming for the Windows OS. Whether or not their programmers know how is not for me to say, but the fact is that they specialize in Macs, and a company as small as Ambrosia (they make shareware, after all) cannot afford to hire Windows specialists.

Stereotyping is wrong, yes, but they came about because the stereotype is true of a large number of the group it claims to apply to. The fact is, most PC users pirate most of their software, never pay for shareware, and generally display a low level of intelligence when it comes to the quality of games. Truthfully, EVO's graphics suck. If things aren't wrapped up in a pretty package, most PC gamers won't even look at it.

Besides which, the Ambrosia name is known among the Macintosh community. Nobody who uses Windows has even heard of them.

That is why I think an EVO port is wasted effort. It won't happen, but it shouldn't anyway. Not because Ambrosia would taint themselves by doing Windows, but because it is a bad idea.

I hope that answers your question better than Ambrosia's terse but clear and prominantly posted message that they don't do Windows, period.


CorganIsGod wrote:
**A few spelling corrections...

Several years ago

and replies about

lose money in any way

Games that start on Windows very often go to Mac


It's YOU'RE, short for YOU ARE. YOUR is possesive, like "is that YOUR bike"
"Retarded" was insulting back in 2nd grade. I think we all know what we can accomplish now and can easily dismiss such childish insults.

NOTE the use of intelligent vocabulary, proper spelling, and a reply that makes a POINT! Just SHUT UP, you're never going to offend anybody with your silly misspelled horribly-backed Mac-bashing.

Is anyone else here sick of spewing the same old counter attacks against this stuff? I'm gonna invent a virtual kick-in-the-nuts someday...


after throwing away my almost non-functioning PowerMac.

YOU THREW AWAY A COMPUTER!??!?! 😕 I mean was it on fire or something?? and please define an "almost non-functioning PowerMac".

Ambrosia will NEVER port any of its games to windows . my suggestion is to get a cheap, used powermac, or you can go to a dumpster and try an' find one that has been carlesly thrown away befor every last bit of life has been sucked out of it.

P.S. you do know there's an edit feature, don't you?


windoze sucks, its as simple as that. If you Want Ev/o so bod get the superior machine, a MAC.

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