Lets take a hypothetical situation...

Lets say you're in a nebula collecting ore samples. There is a habitated system nearby, but you didn't realize, until now, that you're not allowed to directly jump there. You have no more fuel, no scoops, no escape pods, and no other ships in the area. WHAT DO YOU DO???!!! Is there a way you can hack the ship preferences to get fuel? Is there a cheat?


Make yourself a gas station.

It's quite simple. You'll need a copy of ResEdit and the EVO bible (both available from this site). Then you either add a planet to the system you're in, or make one of the system's planets inhabited (able to refuel you).

Or, you could eject, if you're too lazy to do the hack thing, or don't care that much about your current ship, or both.

Folks, this is EXACTLY why you should ALWAYS reserve a tiny little 5 tons of weapon space for a fuel scoop. It saves a little money AND gets you outta jams 😉

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