OH NO! MY SHIP!!!..?? Hey, help me out here

My ship changed into a shuttlecraft, sort of. It looks exactly like a shuttlecraft, but it still has all the cargo, weapons, and details of my Lazari ship. I can still use all of the weapons I used to have. I also have the shielding. I know I wan't defeated prior to this transformation. Someone please tell me what went wrong. Has that annoying African Grey Parrot come back???


Hector sure as hell doesn't screw around with your ship---if you have the installer on a CD, reinstall a second copy of the game, and copy the two data files into your current copy. If that doesn't work, see if you just installed/uninstalled a plugin. If you've done any editing with the EVO Data files, just replace them from a second copy of the game.

Actually, it's a devious little thing known as the corrupted data file ( Corruptus datafilus overridus , in Latin). Re-install Override and see what happens.

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That's basically what I said--install a second copy of EVO, take the data files from there and plop them into the copy he currently has. If you dupe them and keep the data files on the desktop, corrupted files can be fixed as easily as dragging the backups on the desktop into the EVO folder. Quicker than reinstalling.

Try activating VM, it's a memory issue.