Cap'n Hector Got You Down? Here's A Secret

There are ways to avoid Cap'n Hector from stealing your credits. First off, there are a few cheat plugs out there that give you TONS of credits. This serves as a minimal protection against him.
Also, if you manage to get a ship with plenty of payload, you can destroy him with thiings like:

-SAD Modeules
-SAE Modeules

And a few others that I can't seem to remember right now. Although, even if you do blow him up--until you register he'll keep comin' back from the dead!



NOTE: The above tip is for people who want to make the game not fun and fight Cap'n Hector every time they play. These people are not stupid, nor are they dum. However, they are people who wonder when they will be able to get 25$. Good luck!

Peace out!