Anybody remember the plug with "algae" ships?

Remember a plug that had some "algae" ships? I never actually played the mission to see them but I found them when I looked around in the plug; there's 3 little colored blobs, each a ship, and a green launches a red algae, which launches a blue algae, which launches a green algae, which launches a red algae, etc. I think it was the EV Expansion Set...ne1 know?
Speaking of that, I'm thinking of taking some of the better ships from the EV Game Expander (like the ships that were in the southern systems; those were cool) and adding them to a similar plug for EVO--I know where the page is, but does anyone actually know the author or know if that email address still works?

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I remember the ships. I believe the plug is Clavius and Beyond, but I'm not all that sure.


Clavius and Beyond? I never played the plug, but I hacked around in the resources - no protoplasms to be seens, unless you think that that blue-skinned woman on the title screen is a mutated ameoba

EVES? I hacked around in the alpha test version - no algae there either.

And I know nothing about EVGE - sounded cool, but I never played it or downloaded it. Try asking around on the EV board.


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It was Oreste, ask around on the EV board.