Hey, I'M BACK!

Well, most of you look new, but some of you i know, but i'm finally back on the boards after 7 or 8 months! I see the new boards have gone UBB, so that's pretty cool, i personally hated the previous boards. UBB is the future! Ambrosia has also changed their look. Anything else new happen while i was gone?


Heheh- that makes you, and andrew, and- uhhhh


"That's offensive! Never call me Australian again!"

AIM: EVBasilisk

Hey look its John! John.. uh uh... which one??

I think there has been more than one John since 9 months ago...

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BeOS for media
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Oh, well I'm the original John. I started posting on the EVO boards 2 years ago and stopped for a while. I was the one who started the huge fight between me and Super Ant last summer. I think Ryan remembers, because I remember him on the boards.

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