main evo ojectives

what are the main objectives in evo, i finished the maping mission and killed the dreadnaught and it said congratulations on completing a central evo objective but are ther others?

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OK, first off, remember that there are things known as spelling, grammar, and etiquette.

There are 3 central objectives in EVO:

  • Explore the Ji and Proxima Nebulai

  • Destabilize the Strand War

  • Start collapsing the Voinian Empire.

You have one done so far: the nebula one. I'll leave it to you to finish the others.

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After the completing the Central EVO Objective, go to the Emalgha homeworld (it's the small system directly north of Voinian space) and help them defeat a small fleet of Voinian warships. After that, you'll be offered a diplomatic relations mission to establish trade and communication between the Emalgha and the humans (much like the Miranu diplomatic mission). Then, you'll be offered more missions against the Voinians, which will finally bring them down.


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