Anyone know about Undiscovered country plugin?

The website has some nice pictures and stuff, but it's been ages since there was an update on the schedule. Anyone know what the current status of the plugin is?

Never heard of it. Probably dead. Besides, there are plenty of great plugins for EVO coming soon: (url="http://"")Cold Blood(/url) both looks and sounds great.

" The Zaphod Beeblebrox?"

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I know about The Undiscovered Country. A teaser plug was released and will be available in the Add-On File section soon, but as for the website, I really don't know. I know about the plug, and the last I heard of it was a special new ship that the guy who is supposed to make it was working on. He was working on something called the Raven. Try e-mailing the plug-in maker for that plug and see what the news is. If he doesn't respond, then the plug probably is dead as well as the website.

That should give you some help. I wish it could be complete.

No problem with help, dude.