New Plugs Coming!! Read on!!

I'm beginning a massive plug that will convert the whole EVO universe and take it the year 2501! All the ships, outfits, missions, governments and more will be re-done. If you are interested in it or helping email me at:

I will also have a webpage up in a few weeks. I'll keep you informed.

Anyway I have just finished a mission plug for EVO, it adds about ten missions, all based around the 'NR' its for the renegade wanna bees, who don't wanna stuff there relations with the UE. Email me if you wanna try it out!

Thanks for your time


Sounds ambitious. Too ambitious. If you are writing the sequel to EVO, plenty have tried. Few have suceeded. If you're writing total replacement, try something totally original, or only 20-30 years after EVO.

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Ahh...sounds like mine...sorta: (url="http://"")

Dont doubt anything...I already got all ship graphics (all original ships + a load of new ones) and all systems and such done. Ha ha...what sequel will be done...i hope.

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What i'm gonna do, isn't a sequel to EVO, its like a whole new game. It's kinda based on Alien Resurection, thats where I got the original ship idea from, its also go a horrific story line to it. my webpage is gonna be up in like a week of somthing.

And oh yeah POSITIVE ATTITUDE people.
HELP Wanted email me!


Hey, dude5432, what's your e-mail address?

DUH! I'm stupid. Sorry, I didn't see it at the top.