Long Time No See Eh?

Sorry for being in the dark so much, people. Docmother is STILL under construction and I haven't been to the board in a long time. So what's up with Aeon?

Its in a bid of "no one really gives a damn" state. Funny, both BD and Swift are supposed to be running Aeon... yet they seem to be doing very little with their time.

Perhaps I may be a bit wrong, but my posts and email havnt been answered....

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Well, I see. Anyway, it doesn't look like anyone has made anything new in a long time. Guess, there's nothing to talk about much. Of course, that is until I get caught up with everything.

I wasn't paying much attention, but I think Ryan got a job with IBM now. He's getting a crap load more money, and plans to spend some on a domain and MacOSX Server software. He's gone right now, but there is a new Aeon board (url="http://"http://lightning.prohosting.com/~micah/cgi-bin/aboard/UltraBoard.pl")here(/url).

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So far, you're right, very little is happening in Aeon right now 🙂 I sent out a request for a status report from all departments and Project Manahers almost a week ago and thus far, I've recieved nothing back. Currently, Ryan is working in his new position at IBM and I've been rather distracted by a number of personal issues and work/school. This weekend though I'll be sending an e-mail to everyone and I'll be calling a meeting for next week sometime. With renewed time and effort, we'll be able to re-motivate Aeon 🙂