B5 plug in question

I can't find any bar missions in the Babylon 5 plug in, can someone tell me where some are. Preferably Minbari ones. Thanx.

Well, it's been a while since I played B5, but first, make sure you have a good combat rating. Then, try looking somewhere around B5, or at the station itself. There should be a couple of missions (once you find 'em). When that's done, you can try looking for other missions. There aren't any Minbari missions (That's what I remember). The EA Resistance missions involve the Minbari though. I think they start at Proxima 3. Right now Tim Steer, Arthur Bogard and myslef are designing an upgrade to the plug (being overseen by Hubert). We're replacing EVO's graphics, and perfecting a few of B5's.

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Thanks for the help. What combat rating do I need.


Deadly for most, I think.

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Try going to some independat planet. I got the Narn resistance missions there. One of the missions I'm stuck on, though. The station I got it on was so indepandant with two systems onder it's control.

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