? on beyond the cresent plug

i've found the black box and now i'm looking for the door and the lock. i've found the second gizdiar but can't get to it. i've been trying to find the next step for days, what do i do?

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What's a Gizari? If you are having troble finding the key/link, here's a hint. The Em guys. One of thier system names. There is SOMTHING about one of those names. If you are having troble crossing the galaxy, then jump using the ` key intil the system comes up.

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Look for two systems...Same name... Kill shhip in one of 'em... Go to Paaren station...

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I'm just not getting it. i've found the gidzair system with the council st. in it and the gidzair system way out past original evo space but i cant get to it. also i'm not getting the em clue, please help!


please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought I was being straight enough, but oh well. Look for the second Kelmaon out around Zidagar space, and kill GADZOOKS! Then land back on Paaren station. Remember, two systems, same name??? Come on! You disgust me 🙂
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