Im working for the Miranu On a new Sensor Upgrade on the game. And When you Get it ypu can jump to new systems. I have a Crescent Warship that has no gas, no ammo, no fighters, no nothing and I am the only one who can go to these new systems(And it's a uninhabited system). WHAT DO I DO?

He he he!! You should have got fuel scoops. At this point, there's no way out. Cheat or die.

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EVO saves the game everytime you land (unless it's everytime you take off), so you can get back to your last landing site pretty easily - just hit escape to get you back to the title screen and click the "Load Pilot" button. Open your usual pilot, click "Enter Ship" and you'll be back at your last port of call. If you can make it back to a system with some traffic, you can at least hail a passing freighter and ask for help.

If you haven't got the range even for that, you're stuffed. If you know ResEdit I'd suggest hacking your current system to give it a gas station...