where do you get the forklift? it seems like i've been around the galaxy 3 times looking for it.


It's my understanding that the forklift is not an outfit that exists in EVO under normal conditions. To get the forklift you either have to use a plugin or the easter egg. I don't know what plugins give you the forklift, but the easter egg is as follows:

Instructions for activating the easter egg (from the EV Override website):
Option-click the title screen so you get the EV/MST3K theme. Wait until "-MCB 4:35 A.M." shows up, then hold down control-command-option-shift-F. You'll hear the Forklift theme song "They'll try to kill 'im with a forklift!". The loaded pilot file receives the forklift.

The forklift in 1.0.1 doesn't really work. . . it just zooms around an enemy while you're getting pounded. Mail me for a fix.


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