Wow things have changed...

In september my hard drive crashed wiping out all of my EVO plugins. Evenualy I forgot about the game and went on to other things. Then I came back. Wow this site is so so so Cool. tell me are you the guys that I hung out whith in Sept. ?
Lobster you still there ??

Any of the guys you hung out with are probably gone - there was a big uproar when the site was first changed. They migrated to alternative web boards. I (b)think(b) that Lobster is still here. I'm not sure, though.


I'm waiting for the day when "this side up" arrows appear on grocery bags.

Well, you probaly won't remeber me, but Max B-H, that was me. Jim Stephens, Yoda from the EV board are the 2 that pop to the top of my head when you ask who's old. Michal L is here too! At the beggining everyone was mad, and some people moved to other EVO boards like (url="http://"") Blazer's Aternate Disscussion Board (/url) but some of us are still here.

🙂 Max B-H