Bab 5 mission question

Well, I'm doing the Narn missions, the one I'M on is 'provide a decoy to a Narn ship by destroying the Centri Fleet' and I destroyed the ones marked "Centari Fleet' and went to where I was supposed to go, and the mission doen't stop. Could someone help me?

🙂 Max B-H

I've not yet played that string myself, but if there were a lot of ships (esp. carried fighters) in the system when the Centauri arrived, it could have prevented the entire fleet from warping in because of the MaxShips limit (only 32 ships allowed in system at any one time). Try going back and seeing if any Centauri Warfleet remnants show up. If that doesn't work, you might have to try aborting the mission and getting it again from scratch.