Pareen Station

I've finished all the UE missions. But I never completed Pareen Station, and now i want it so i can play beyond the crescent. I made several deliveries to pareen station, and the last brought up a message saying that the station was almost done. What's the last step? Also I failed a mission about rescuing the Voinian defector in the empty system near Knox. Is that the problem? Do i have to start over?

Yes, I believe that is the problem. You don't have to start completely over, but you do have to restart that mission. Press "i" (unless you changed it in the preferences) and abort the mission, then go to where you got it originally and try to get it again.


Where do you get this mission? I haven't been able to find it again. Is it possible that I can't get it now because I finished the rest of the UE missions?


Possible, but not normal within EVO. They like to give you a 2nd chance. Just try quitting the failed mission and re-accepting it. Last time I found this mission was on New Rome, so try there. Often missions have a less-than-100% chance of showing up when you're in system, so if at first you don't succeed...

Tip for the mission itself: don't go straight for the shuttle, just run away from the Voinians for a bit to draw them off. Make sure the UES Carlton isn't between you and them, otherwise it'll get destroyed by rocket fire. When you've made sure they're well clear, dart back and rescue the defector.

Feel free to eat the Voinian fleet alive at this point. 😄

Hope that helps,


Hmmm... I thought it was New Rome or Knox, and have checked repeatedly to no avail. Also, it is no longer active because when the shuttle is destroyed it gives a mission failed message. I never saw it again after that. I'm now running around in a UE Cruiser, and have also done the Zachit and Zidigar missions. I want to play Beyond the Crescent but starting over will take forever.


Try Huron too!

🙂 Max B-H