EV plug-ins vs. EVO plug-ins

Have you noticed that EV has 10 times the plug-ins that evo has? I hope more plug-ins are made.

EV is also older than EVO - it was released in 1996. Also, the EV universe is a bit more conducive toward developers - there's room for liberal interpretation, since the story is simpler. Override's story is much more restrictive (at least that's what I think).


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Ah i see. I have seen great new universes done though like babylon 5 and FF and FF for EVO 🙂
they are few though.


EVO also increases the number of slots for a number of resource types, and often increases the complexity of the resource itself. Since many developers want to make the maximum use of the space they've got to play in when building a plug, EVO plug-ins are often larger and take longer to make than EV ones. And of course, as mentioned above, EV's been around a lot longer and has a very dedicated following (both players and developers), many of whom don't feel the urge to defect to EVO.


Rooster wrote:
**EVO also increases the number of slots for a number of resource types...


Two, actually.
Missions and Stellar Types are the only resources that have more slots in EVO, according to my copy of the EVO Bible.


Ace McCloud wrote:
Have you noticed that EV has 10 times the plug-ins that evo has? I hope more plug-ins are made.

Thats because most developers find it easier to work with EV. Also, EV has been out for longer, allowing more time for plug-ins to be made. Over time it probably will change because EVO has a better engine and more resource slots.


I see what you mean now. Too bad they feel its defecting if they go to EVO.


Defecting? Defecting? Ha! 😛 Fools. They know not how much more powerful the Voinian Dreadnaught is than the Alien Cruiser.

Seriously though, I think the so-called "war" between EV and EVO is idiotic. I happily play both and will probably keep playing both until (A) I die, or (🆒 my computer develops an AI and beats the s**t outta me and my Destroyer using a Shuttlecraft.

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My curve on this:

EV: Better for an offshoot plug, only major league ones though (See NH for example)

EVO: Better for a CR Plug, larger galaxy and increased number of resource slots. Plus, it's decent if your just going to expand on one or two mission strings and not the whole bloody game.

On the other hand, a guy named Atilla was nice enough to work on some things for translating EV to EVO plugs.

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EV and EVO are essentially both the same game. EVO is merely a prelude of what is to come in EV (as indicated in the starting date). Its not really a sequel. I also like to think the UE Cruiser is an early version of what will become the cruier that is out-dated by that time of EV that the Rebels put into use. So in effect they are interlinked and going between is not defecting. They are both great games, just with different flavor. It would be nice if Ambrosia bridged the gap between the two sometime, explaining why the EV universe is so different from the EVO.

That was off topic, but yes I agree the reason for less EVO plug-ins is the dedicated following of EV and the longing for EV ships they feel when they play EVO. The extra two years EV has on EVO helps too!

I still think though, a game bridging the gap would be great!

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