Graphics Preview from EVO: 5 Years

Go to (url="http://"") , it's a 176K JPEG so it'll take a sec to load. For those wondering, those ships were designed and rendered with Strata's Vision3d. You should be able to find it at, it's a free program :). They (can) look a little crappy due to their size in releation to their possition when I arranged them and I belive screen Resolution could have an effect. They haven't looked bad in the plug though, so they should be fine. For those wonding about them, all I can say is that they'll belong to a race with organic ships, but I don't have much of a plot outline yet though :frown:.

Micah L.
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Looks good Micah, a pretty fine piece of work. 🙂


Nice work, dude. 🆒

I assume EVO: 5 Years is a plugin?

=/= Jim Stephens =/=