Plug-in review site: volunteers?

A short while ago I suggested putting together an EV/EVO plug-in review site (thread started by Ace McCloud). Last night I was gratified to recieve an e-mail from an individual interested in helping with this. However, I think that a regular team of at least four contributors would be necessary to make this work at all, so this post constitutes a call for volunteers. Some criteria, along with the plea from the original post, are listed below. If you think you'd be interested and fit the bill, either post here or drop me a line. Thanks.

We need:

  • A team of reviewers, rather than a single individual, in order to provide some semblance of a balanced opinion...

  • ...and who also must be in this for the long haul. Obviously some turnover is
    inevitable and even desirable (to avoid stagnation), but if the reviewing team is different for each plug the reader has no frame of reference by which to judge between them.

  • Someone who knows ResEdit and plug-in programming, who could take the plug
    apart and verify that there were no missed plotlines etc.

Actually I can handle the ResEdit part myself, but a second opinion is always welcome and helps to spread the workload 🙂

Can anyone out there spare the time and effort to do this properly? Bear in mind that as a reviewer, you are duty bound to try to give a fair and unbiased report of a plug, even if you hate the concept. You can't just say "It's a Trek plug, I hate all things Trek, therefore it sucked". You have to be able to say "The graphics were awful, the writing two-dimensional, the plot non-existent and the plug itself bug-ridden. Therefore it sucked".


Instead of forming a dedicated review board, why not let anyone post a rewiew or a comment about any plug? The review page could be similar to the discussion page, showing the name of the plug and the number of reviews (instead of the name of a thread and number of postings). You could begin quite easily, by listing the plugs you have tried personally, with one simple review for each, like "I reccommend it." or "It's bad". Then add new listings as they are contributed.

This would be a fast way to add some substance to the "review" link.

You could certainly do it that way, but how would you moderate it? Like a lot of the older members of this board, I've got significant real-world commitments to meet (like it or not!), and haven't physically got the time to review every plug-in that's out there. If someone posted an especially abusive review of a plug I haven't seen, I don't have the time to check up on them.

Of course, if you're reading this and have both the time and the web-space, I'd encourage you to give it a try. I just wouldn't be able to dedicate enough time to it though.

Thanks for the suggestion,