I wanna play FF

I wanna download FF and FH, but the downloads at the archive are stinky.

What gives? There should be people updating this sort of stuff.

Oh well. Can someone tel where else I can get it?


You could host it yourself 😉

Seriously, I've got about 20mb of unused web-space, probably others have got similar quantities: if enough of us got together we could probably do something about the various broken links etc. In my experience most of the problems have been due to macbinaries getting corrupted in transit - if stuff'd, binhex'd versions were available this should alleviate much of the difficulty.

Anyone interested?


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Come to think of it, what if this was combined with the plug-in review page mentioned a few threads back? Host the plug in one section, review it in another. Any takers?


Ambrosia hosts them on the EVO Add-ons page - (url="http://"http://www.ambrosiasw.com/Products/Add_Ons/EVOverride_AddOns.html")http://www.ambrosias...ide_AddOns.html(/url)
I don't know if they're the latest versions, though.
Of course, the Ambrosia server also hosts the EVO archives. . .


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