Frozen Heart Question

I think I missed something in a mission briefing, and I was wondering if anyone could get me the text of it.

I was doing the Earth Diplomatic series, and had just made the connection between New Venus and the Pirates. My mission box said (and still says) "Take evidence to Earth. Expect conclusion." I took it to Earth, had a conversation there, which I thought pointed me back to Devore. However, the mission box did not change, I still have a red flag on earth, and nothing happens when I go to Devore (which I have to bribe my way down onto. Anyone know a solution?



This same question plagued me for a great amount of time. You need to keep that mission available (don't abort it!). Just keep doing other missions until you are asked to go to Devore by Emile. Go to Devore and see what happens.

Thanks, I wasn't sure if there was another instruction I skipped over