EVO 1.0.1 beam bug

I know this is a very newbie question, but where can I find a fix for the EVO 1.0.1 beam problem? My little brother is considering buying a Zidara, but the bug is discouraging him.

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What would you say to an online strategy game based on EV, albeit vaguely? The basic idea is that you would control your own little empire and fight other player's litle empires for dominance in a shattered EV galaxy.

The 1.01 beam bug is pretty much the main reason why we are going to ship NOVA with 1.02. In our universe, a certain governments ships all have beam weapons, and it is possible for the player to get ahold of some of those ships. Problem is, the current beta of 1.02, while it fixes the beam problem, it comes with a host of different bugs. Oh well. Fingers crossed that it will be dealt with soon.

Annoying isnt it - I heard rumours of someone producing a plug to fix it (by tweaking the weapons) - I have a feeling it is something to do with the accuracy of the beam.

From what I have found, the bug is 'cosmetic' - the effect of the is where you expect it to be, but the graphic shoots off elsewhere. (I am using V1.0.1)

I remember someone saying that you could fix it by setting the accuracy of the weapon to 1 or something - I dont know if that works, and I dont have the knowledge available to see whether it works - I know as much about programming as a slug knows about evolution.

it may be helpful - if it doesnt work, then dont blame me.


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Outcast is correct that the bug is cosmetic, but it can make it impossible to aim the weapon properly, so here's the fix:

So long as the accuracy of the beam is set to a number greater than zero, it'll display correctly. I actually discovered this by accident months ago and made a patch which lives permanently in my plugins folder, but never got around to posting it. In the meantime, anyone who wants it can get hold of a copy by e-mailing me at rcourt01@bcuc.ac.uk

To make your own patch, make a copy of the EV/O Sample Plug-in and rename it. Open it using ResEdit, and copy in the "weap" resource for the Zidegar Phased Beam from Override Data 2 in the main folder. Find the field called "innaccuracy" (or similar, I can't quite remember off the top of my head) and enter a positive, non-zero value. Keep it small, because this is the number of degrees of variation the weapon will display to either side of the centreline. Save the plug, close ResEdit and you're done.


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Or you could just visit Micah's site. (That'll teach me to read before I post)



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Rooster - thanks. I have been wondering about that!


Now that I think about it, I seem to remember that it's worth patching the "outf" resource as well. If I remember rightly the Zidara can handle 3 turrets or 3 fixed guns. In 1.0.1, turrets count as fixed guns. So do Phased Beams, so your 3-weapon-capacity Zidara starts life with 4 weapons on-board, which is a problem if you ever want to buy an extra turret or change to a different type. To correct this I think you reduce the value of the last digit in the "flags" field by one, which should stop Override regarding the Phased Beam outfit as a gun (even though it still knows it's a weapon), but consult your Override Bible.txt to be sure.


Ive heard about this bible - where do I get it?