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I created a fine plug for EV. Now, I need to convert it to EV/O format. How do I do that?

Alternatively, is there something like EV/O edit or Schmelta for EV/O?

I'll post this on the EV board, too, since this seems to be a two-category post.


Hey ElGuapo,

I guess this means that you're having trouble with Tyllarius? The web site I referred you to didn't help? What's the problem? Unfortunately, you'll have to retype-in all of the stats etc. EV Edit doesn't really work for EVO, but people tell me that Schmelta does work pretty well. If you're really desperate for help, contact Kelaarin, he knows all about it.
If you can't figure out how to do it, just send me the plug in EV format and I'll do the conversion. I'm really interested to see what you've done.

I hope things are warmer in your part of the globe than they are here.


Oops, sorry: I guess I was wrong and Mazca's correct. All you have to do is change the information in the "Type" and "Creator" fields in the ResEdit menu item "Get info for (file name)"
For EV plug-ins the fields should read:
Type: Mpďf
Creator: Mërc

and for EVO plug-ins the fields should read:
Type: Opďf
Creator: EsçO

Then fill in the unfilled fields in the resource forks.


There are also a couple of convertor apps, but I'm not sure on their reliability. EVOlution, included with EV-Edit (shudder), will convert any EV plug to EV:O, but not the other way around. I think that a two-way convertor comes with Frozen Heart, allowing you to convert back and forth. Still, it's probably safer to just do the conversion yourself.

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I posted an in-depth answer to this in the EV forum.

Because it's there,