I've never played Ferazel before & was interested in trying the demo, but it wouldn't download ;_;
Could/Would somebody please help me? (assuming this board isn't actually -totally- dead.)

Postscript: I have access to OS9 (not Classic) so I think it's reasonable for me to expect to be able to play.

While I'd love to help you, from the sounds of it, the issues are with Ambrosia's webserver, not with the actual game.

Hm. Trying the "download demo" link from the main Ferazel page seems not to work for me, either.

However, downloading from the Add-Ons Page seems to work fine.

Hope this helps. (Worst case, I can download the one that seems to work and try to find an alternative host for it.)

Heh, hope you take a liking to it. Great game.

Thanks Thock! ^^ that link was the sort of thing I was hoping for! ^^
(Now to findout if there's even enough room on my OS9 disk to play!)

Okay, I've played Ferazel now. definitely a cool game, but not -quite- sure it's my style. I'll probably try to get through the demo for a while next time i'm in OS9.